Fundraiser Movie Night: The Race to Save the World

By Lynn Fitz-Hugh, TCAT Community Engagement Director

In 2015 while serving as Coordinator of, I peered at a small Facebook post of a young woman who had just been arrested, sitting on top of tripod blocking a deadly potentially exploding oil train that were starting to move through Seattle’s downtown tunnel potentially threatening the whole city. These trains had blown up in numerous places around the US and Canada – wiping out a small town in Canada.  I thought “hmm looks a bit like my friend Abby”. To my amazement as I read on, it was my friend Abby! This was a surprise since Abby had a child in middle school. But a previous oil train that had tipped over and thankfully not exploded was within the blast zone of her daughter’s school. This action became named the Delta 5. I later sat through Abby’s trial, which became part of the film. Other climate actions featured in the film include the Valve Turners – 5 citizens that turned off oil valves stopping oil flow across the country, Our Children’s Trust – a law suit by children against the US govt to protect their future and ShellNo! – an action that confronted Shell’s artic drill parked in Seattle’s sound. It has won best documentary film in the Soho and Mumbai film Festivals this year.

The Race to Save the World is about ordinary people – mothers, and fathers, and grandmothers, and children taking action to stop climate change. By focusing on individual people, it makes the work of stopping climate change personal and accessible to anyone. We are fortunate to have Abby and others from the movie participate in our film panel! 

How it works:

“These are important stories, told in engaging fashion–and I can testify that there are similar scenes from every corner of the planet. The fight to halt the destruction of the planet’s climate system may be the biggest movement in earth history, and these brave people help tell a tale everyone needs to hear!” – Bill McKibben, founder 

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