Thurston Climate Action Team’s (TCAT) mission is to partner with our community to restore earth’s climate and create a healthy, just, and joyous world for all people and our planet

Scenes from TCAT Climate Justice Festival at Olympia Harbor Days

Whew! Harbor Days Climate Fest was AMAZING! I’m still digesting the rich conversations, Artful Actions, and sheer magnitude of the event. We reached so many people that we don’t ordinarily reach by showing up at this long-standing public event. They shared their hopes, visions, worries, and grief with the community through Collaborative Art. Together, we made a 200’ “Climate Justice Now” chalk mural that really says it all. They learned about Electric Vehicles (EVs) by talking with real EV owners, visited with Oly Solar about how the sun can and is powering our future, and tasted mouthwatering Columbian Street Food prepared on an induction stove by Chef Karem Orozco of Alfajores Olympia. Thank you to each of the volunteers, community members, elected officials, tribal members, and Harbor Days organizers; each of whom made this event the success it was. We’ll share stories and details about the event, and what we learned from it, in the coming months.

~ Carrie Ziegler, TCAT Lead Artist and Community Engagement Extraordinaire

Our work does not end with passing the Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan (TCMP). We must ensure that local governments and our communities take the steps needed to bring down our carbon pollution. You can be part of the action by joining one of our Climate Action Groups. Click on the images below to learn more about each Action Group and how to get in contact with our group leads.

By acting locally and thinking globally, we are making climate action history.  Please join us!

We acknowledge that Thurston County's land and water is the traditional territory of the Nisqually, Puyallup, Squaxin (S'Homamish, Stehchass, T'Peeksin, Squi-aitl, and Sa-heh-wamish) and the Chehalis People.

The surrounding mountains, valleys, shorelines and waterways are imbued with their presence.

We seek to nurture our relationship with our Coast Salish neighbors and our shared responsibilities to this place — their homelands — where we mutually abide

You can learn more about the Indigenous territories you occupy by visiting