A Clean & Healthy Thurston County


Thurston Climate Action Team (TCAT) brings our community together to reduce climate disruption -- resulting in a healthy, just and prosperous future for all.

The Most Important Thing You Can Do for Climate Change This Year:

TCAT has been working with the Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan (TCMP) planning process for over a year now. We expect the mitigation plan to be voted on in January 2021, for the 4 jurisdictions: Tumwater, Lacey, Olympia and Thurston County to vote on.  This plan is based upon science based goals and would make our community a leader in the state on taking needed and bold action on climate.

Scientists are telling us we are running out of time to turn this around. For the plan to pass we need you!  We need you to show up virtually or in person at these city council votes, which you can commit to by signing our Critical Climate Action Pledge here

Letter Writing to Support the Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan!

Another critical way you can bring attention to your representatives about the TCMP, is by writing them an e-letter, or an email on why they should support the passing of a strong mitigation plan! The plan is scheduled to be voted in January, so your voice matters in making sure our representatives know the importance of taking strong climate action in Thurston County. 

To email a letter to your representatives use the addresses below:

Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan Final Draft

Show Your Support in Your Neighborhood!


Another way you can support the Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan is by displaying a window place-card with the design featured on the image on the left. The place-cards are designed to help make the public aware of the existence of the plan and start getting them to express their support for the plan.

Because we have a limited number of 11” by 17” window place-cards, please contact if you would like to get a sign!

Join a Climate Action Group in 2021!

Did you miss out on the opportunity to join a climate action group this year? No worries, it's never to late to join! Click here to read a short description of our groups available, and who to get in contact with about meetings and projects coming up in 2021

Or watch this short video featuring our climate action group volunteer leaders to learn more! 

The Chrysalis Project: Transforming Together

A collaborative Art in Action project to create a positive vision for our future and call for strong climate action.

When the pandemic hit, TCAT had to completely reimagine how we do our work. One of the first projects that came out of this was the virtual Art in Action Project, The Chrysalis Project: Transforming Together

We quickly pivoted from in person work to an online program exploring the power of art, the critical moment we are in as individuals and a society, what we might experience with the climate crisis, and the transformation of butterflies, ourselves, and our society.

Here is a sneak preview of the amazing video produced by Jenna Mason Media about The Chrysalis Project. To view the full version of the video and read more about the project, click here!