We are Winning in Big and Small Ways Every Day

In this issue of our bi-weekly newsletter we want to uplift and celebrate the success of the movement for Climate Justice on the local, national, and international level!

In the last month we have seen three oil giants called to the carpet by actors inside the industry itself. From a court in the Netherlands ordering Dutch Shell to halve its emissions by the end of the decade, to shareholder revolts within Chevron and ExxonMobil. These rumbles within the oil industry indicate that our movement is successfully shifting the paradigm. You can read more about these insider revolts here

Our resistance on the local, regional, and national levels is demonstrating to judges, shareholders and executives that their product has no place in the future. So much so that fossil fuel and infrastructure companies are even backing out themselves! As evident by the historic announcement that TC Energy is pulling the plug on the Keystone- XL pipeline, rendering it dead once and for all! This win is in huge part due to the tireless effort of indigenous water protectors and allies from across turtle island and reminds us that Native Sovereignty and LandBack are integrally tied up in a healthy and livable future. Read here, for more on this intersection. 

And TC Energy are not the only ones! Here in the Pacific Northwest the proposed Jordan Cove LNG pipeline and export terminal that was threatening Coos Bay, OR has been postponed indefinitely by the owners of the project, Canadian infrastructure company Pembina. Not only that but right here in Southwest Washington, Northwest Innovation Works (NWIW), the backers of a methanal refinery and export facility on the banks of the Colombia River in Kalama, WA, have officially abandoned the project. Read more about the success of Southern Washington climate activist here.

Here in Thurston County, we are working on the clean and equitable solutions that will replace this dying industry. For example, we have the Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan (TCMP) that so many of you fought long and hard to pass. You can read more about recent developments in the article below, written by TCAT Board President Tom Crawford. 

Our local fight for renewable energy, sustainable food, clean and equitable transportation and housing, matters now more that ever. The house of cards is falling, and we are here building the long-term structures to replace it. Thank you all for the ways you have contributed to this movement. We are winning in small and big ways daily. 

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