Write for our Newsletter!

Do you enjoy writing? Have a climate concern you are passionate about? We welcome volunteers and community members to write for the newsletter! Read the standards and expectations below.

  • The TCAT Newsletter comes out twice a month, on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month.
  • Articles should be no longer than 550 words max. The shorter the better. Articles that exceed the limit will be turned into a post on the TCAT blog and the remainder of the article will be linked to.
  • Articles should be directly relevant to the work of TCAT and/or written by a member of our community and draw a clear thread between the issue at hand and our work.
  • Articles must have respectful language and speak respectfully about local leaders. Healthy criticism is fine and an important part of an engaged public and we ask that writers refrain from name calling.
  • Opinions of the author or folks quote are welcome but must clearly be stated as an opinion rather than fact.
  • All articles must contain factually and scientifically accurate information
  • Any citations should be done in the body of the article, via links when possible, NOT footnotes or APA/MLA styles. 
  • Articles must be submitted to the Communications Coordinator, Alice Grendon at   by EOD the Wednesday prior to publication