Local Good Governance Coalition

The Local Good Governance Coalition connects local organizations in the joint work in support of the environment and affordable housing, and in support of community participation in local land use and budget policies and quasi-judicial processes.

Our fourfold mission is to:

  • Connect through cooperation and communication citizen groups within Thurston County who are united in the belief that our society must prevent environmental degradation and provide adequate affordable housing for residents at all income levels 
  • Empower meaningful community participation, standing, and agency in local land use and budget policies and quasi-judicial processes 
  • Ensure such governance is guided by the primacy of the responsible and sustainable use of our common cultural and natural resources in order to foster the wellbeing of all members of the community 
  • Protect the inherent rights of humans and the natural world, such as ecosystems, bodies of water, tree canopy, species, and species' habitats, and so on, commonly referred to as Rights of Nature 

Member organizations of the Local Good Governance Coalition as of June 2022 include:

  • League of Women Voters of Thurston County, 
  • Thurston Climate Action Team (TCAT), 
  • South Puget Sound Habitat for Humanity, 
  • People of Color Community Coalition, 
  • Olympia Indivisible, 
  • Olympians for Smart Development and Livable Neighborhoods, 
  • Deschutes Estuary Restoration Team, 
  • Citizens for a Clean Black Lake, 
  • Black Hills Audubon Society. 

Associate Members (Individuals) of the Local Good Governance Coalition as of June 2022 are:

  • Phyllis Farrell
  • Lynn Fitz-Hugh
  • Loretta Sepanen

For more information about the Local Good Governance Coalition, please contact


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Upcoming Events:

County and City Official’s Visions for Improved Local Planning Forum

March 29th 6:30-8:00pm at Jacob Smith House 4500 Intelco Loop Southeast Lacey
co-hosted by the League of Women Voters

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