Thank You for Donating to Thurston Climate Action Team

Thurston Climate Action Team (TCAT) is a 501(c)3 organization. All donations will support our coordinated community efforts to reduce climate disruption, whether by increasing collaboration between environmental organizations, urging government officials to act boldly, or educating Thurston County residents on how to reduce their carbon footprint. There are ways to lower your taxes while donating, even if you don't itemize deductions on your tax return.

There are Many Ways to Support Thurston Climate Action Team

Donate with PayPal Giving Fund

Set TCAT as your favorite charity when you check out using PayPal

You can support TCAT on the following sites that are connected with the PayPal Giving Fund:

eBay, you can now donate a percentage of your earnings to TCAT. When you’re making a listing, you can choose to “Donate a portion to Charity.” Select “Thurston Climate Action Team” from the list of options, and then select the percentage you would like to donate.

Humble Bundle - Customers buying games or eBooks through the Humble Bundle digital platform can choose to support TCAT with every order.

GoFundMe - GoFundMe is a crowdfunding platform that lets your supporters create their own unique fundraising campaigns to support your charity. Start a campaign for TCAT today!

Airbnb - Airbnb hosts can donate a percentage of each payout they receive to support charities that help people in times of need find temporary housing.

Nextdoor - Sell For Good gives neighbors the ability to support local charities, by simply buying and selling items on Nextdoor’s For Sale and Free. An easy way for Nextdoor members to revitalize their neighborhood by giving back to support a local cause.  Learn more about Sell For Good here.

Deed - Deed helps companies harness the passion of their employees and customers to take a stand, sharing values, and making a lasting impact in their community. Find out more here.