South Sound Climate Convention

Hands on for the Climate: Action for Earth Day 50

Saturday, April 18, 2020
12:30 – 5:00 PM

This event has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. TCAT is reviewing our options and will let everyone know about alternative plans.

At this year’s TCAT Earth Day Celebration, we invite you to join us in rolling up our sleeves and getting really active for our planet and our future!  This year our convention is only a half day. We will have three sets of three 1-hour workshops.  All nine workshops share background information and roll out steps you can take in the next few months to help us combat climate change and ensure our local governments adopt a robust climate mitigation plan for all of Thurston county.

The three cities of Tumwater, Lacey and Olympia, plus Thurston County have banded together to create a strong benchmarked Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan (TCMP) for all 4 (think of it as a survival plan.)  They have been busy working on it now for a little over a year.  The final plan will be released in July.

There is a lot the public can do between now and July to make sure the TCMP is a strong plan, and then all of us will need to insist that it is passed and put into action.

This is an all hands on deck moment.

As we watch Australia burning and both polar caps melting, it is very clear that, without dramatic and immediate action, we, our children and our grandchildren face a perilous future.  It will take all of us to make the changes needed to prevent this. So, in addition to the action steps covered in the workshops, we will have action pledge cards and petitions for supporting the mitigation plan available at the event for you to sign or to carry and collect others’ signatures.

Workshops Include:

  • Speaking Out for a Low Carbon Community
  • Overview of TCAT Action Groups and how to Pick Yours (+ Pledge Cards)
  • Strategies for Climate Champions
  • Train to Advocate for Green Buildings
  • Protect our Trees: Help Pass a New Ordinance
  • How to Talk about Climate Change so People will Listen
  • Organizing Faith Groups for Climate
  • Healthy Diet for Us and the Planet
  • How to Make the EV Revolution Happen

Because this is a smaller event than last year, we only have space for 180 people.  Those spaces will be filled on a first come first served basis.   So register as soon as registration opens on March 16th!  This low cost event, only $18, is rich with opportunities for immediate, practical and effective action.

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