Meet the Climate Justice Mural Project Artist Team!

The Artist Team will co-facilitate the Mural Design Workshop and collaboratively craft the final design for the Climate Justice Mural Project.  

Carrie Ziegler: Carrie is the lead artist for the Climate Justice Mural Project and Community Engagement Organizer for the Thurston Climate Action Team. An expert in collaborative art, she works at the intersection of art, education, and environmental and social justice. Carrie has worked with thousands of individuals to create permanent and temporary public art projects that inspire positive changes in our communities. You can see her work all around Olympia and at

Imani Mabwa-Childress: I’ve been a resident of Thurston County for about 15 years and its a valuable and beautiful place to live. I believe that helping this area prosper environmentally takes active respect and cooperation with the original inhabitants of this land: the Coast Salish peoples and the animals who also call this place home. Coexisting with the nature we live around takes effort and is worth all the time and attention we can give it and more. 

Ahna Rader: Hello, I’m Ahna! I’m a soon-to-be senior at Timberline high school and a youth activist in the Olympia area. At my school, I am the sitting president of the Climate Action Club and an AP art student. Outside of my academics, I’m an avid member of YECO and the Sunrise Olympia hub. I’ve lived in Olympia all my life and found solace in the impassioned community and stunning PNW rainforest that I live amongst. For me, this project is an opportunity for creative healing and to bring the community together in the name of climate justice. 

George Galvez: Growing up in East LA I was witness both to the impact of environmental pollution both visually and physically through the damaging of natural resources. Art has always been a medium of expression for me and eventually both of these passions met. I belong to several organizations whose purpose was to reverse some of the impacts of environmental injustices through art. I want to continue these passions and be part of this organization in any way I can, especially through the medium of art. Learn more at


Darishma Alphonse: D33Light also known as Darishma Alphonse is a self-taught, mixed-media, multidisciplinary artist.  As a third-generation Indian artist, she draws from various parts of her travels and cultural identity. These include concepts of yogic philosophy, zentangle meditative art, traditional mehndi design, and Indian dance to depict messages of empowerment, sustainability, spiritual sustenance and connectivity. Find out more about her journey at

Karina Greenlee: I’m a 17-year-old runner, student, climate activist, and sometimes-artist. I’m excited to work on this project because I believe in the power of art to inspire action. I want to help create an image of a hopeful, just future for my generation and the people who come after me – and remind people that this future is possible if we work for it.

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