My Next Car Will Be Electric!

By Carrie Ziegler, TCAT Community Engagement Organizer

Let me guess, you’ve been watching our Electric Vehicle Bumper Sticker Campaign and want join the fun, but you don’t yet own a plug-in EV. Is this you?
If so, have we got a bumper sticker for you!

Get your very own My Next Car will be ELECTRIC bumper sticker now! By showing your commitment to buying an EV, you too can influence your friends and neighbors to buy electric the next time they are shopping for a new or used car. 

If you are ready to show your commitment to buying a plug-in EV for your next car, we will send you a My Next Car will be ELECTRIC bumper sticker for free! If you have a plug-in car (a full battery electric or a plug-in hybrid) and you haven’t yet put your Drive Electric! bumper sticker on it, we still have those as well. 

To get your bumper sticker, email Thad Curtz at
Be sure to include:

  • Your mailing address. 
  • Which version of the bumper sticker you want.
  • How many bumper stickers you would like. 

Please share this with people you know in Thurston County who are interested in or own a plug-in vehicle and might want to put one of these bumper stickers on their car. 
If you would like to offer a donation, visit and note your donation is for bumper stickers. Here are the choices: 

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