Making My Home Part of the Climate Solution: Energy Efficiency 101

Thursday June 3rd, 2021 @ 7:00PM
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We will have a panel of experts explaining which things can make the biggest difference for your house both in terms of saving energy, carbon and money!

  • Like a sweater for your house: Adding insulation (and properly ventilating)  
  • Plug all the holes: Airsealing & Ductsealing (and properly ventilating)
  • Waste not: Weatherize if you can, or upgrade to high performance windows  
  • Change your fuel: reasons to go all-electric                                              
  • Saving with new Tech: Hi performance electric heating systems
  • In Hot Water: Saving water saves energy and carbon emissions                                    
  • Illuminated: Beyond changing light bulbs                                                     
  • The Fridge: Energy efficient refrigerators, dishwashers, &washer/dryers
  • Cool Roof, Dude! Heat islands and what your roof can do about it                                      
  • Own your Power: Solar is more affordable than ever!
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