The Climate Quilt Exhibit

ByThurston County Stream Team

Join us for an innovative community display of art reflecting climate awareness and solutions. In this inspiring exhibit, over 100 community members painted quilt squares to express how we can lower our collective carbon footprint. Quilts have been used as a way to share messaging and create change in America for hundreds of years, from abolition in the 19th century to equality in the 20th. This year, we have compiled individual art pieces and constructed them into quilts to tell a story about climate action in Thurston County.

Many things contribute to climate change including our everyday actions. This means the solution lies with each of us to do our part to lower our collective carbon footprint like reconsidering our transportation, our food supply, and our energy use.

Through art, we bring each individual’s creative reflection on climate change into one meaningful work, pieced together and on display through Spring Arts Month in the front windows of Olympia’s City Hall located at 601 E 4th Ave. In keeping with State guidelines, the annual Arts Walk exhibit will be displayed for viewing from outside city hall windows.

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