Hummingbird Community Solar Project opens for enrollment!

The 100-kilowatt solar array will be installed atop the Hands on Children’s Museum by A&R Solar in November 2020. The project features 297 Sunpower solar panels, a 100kW Solaredge inverter, and online production monitoring.  We’re partnering with the museum to leverage the system as an educational resource for all of the museum’s visitors.

Olympia Community solar is offering the Hummingbird project in 800 solar units at the price of $300 each. Each unit represents about 1/3rd of a solar panel and will reduce about 150 pounds of emissions per year. You can purchase a solar unit for yourself, for a friend, or donate a unit to a non-profit.

Each year Olympia Community Solar will send you the value of your unit’s electricity production. Once you are paid back for your units, the project will be donated to the museum. Sign up today at

If you’d like to donate your solar units to TCAT, under “Purchase Intent” select “I want to donate solar units to a non-profit!” and name Thurston Climate Action Team as the non-profit.

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