Are you a State Employee? Please support TCAT through the Combined Fund Drive

By Laurel Haas, TCAT Vice-President

If you are a State Employee, you can support Thurston Climate Action Team’s work for strong local climate action by providing automatic deductions from your paycheck through the Combined Fund Drive.

Your contribution will help fund efforts such as our Carbon Free Thurston Campaign which advocates for local climate policies and investments, the Chrysalis Project which sends climate action messages with art to local elected officials, our Climate Action Groups which educate and organize around various aspects of climate change, and our weekly newsletters and event calendar.

Washingtonians love to give, and the Combined Fund Drive program plays a key role in encouraging Washington state employees to support non-profits. According to the Combined Fund Drive program, “For more than 30 years, Washington State has proven to be one of the most giving states in the nation. Each year, over 15,000 active and retired public employees pledge more than $5 million to over 1,700 local, national and global charities. That number is good enough to place Washington State third in the nation amongst state employee giving programs, an incredible feat given the fact that our great state is 13th in overall population.”


  • You can search for the Thurston Climate Action Team or our charity code: 1482564 on this website, or by clicking the image below.
  • Then click on the link to set up your donation, provide information on the frequency of donation, amount, and employee information, including your state employee number.

You can also encourage your agency Combined Fund Drive campaign leader to feature educational information about the Thurston Climate Action Team at agency giving events.

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