Zoom Tips

Zoom is similar to Skype or Facetime. However, you can include lots of people all at once, share documents, and do lots of cool interactive things.

What you need:

  • Computer, laptop, smart phone, or tablet that has a camera built in.
    • Smaller devices like a smart phone can be more challenging because you can’t see all the people at once. There are options to either see just the person talking, or to scroll through and see more people.
  • Internet connection.

Note: You can also call in using any phone. You can still talk and hear, but won’t see participants or documents, or be able to share documents.

If this is your first time on Zoom:

  • Click the link sent in your email:
    • It will ask permission to download an app.
      • Say yes. This should only take about 30 seconds.
    • Once Zoom is downloaded, if it doesn’t immediately connect to the meeting, go back to the email and try the link again.
  • Once your device connects to the meeting:
    • You will be asked to use audio. Click YES!
    • Then you should be able to see and hear the host and possibly other attendees.
    • Audio and video: This is where the most problems occur.
      • We should be able to hear and see you when you join.
      • Make sure your microphone and camera are on. You should have symbols like those below on you device.
      • If there is a red line across one, like the image of the video button, that means it is off.
        • These buttons are usually on the lower left portion of your screen, but this can differ by device.
        • If you cannot see the symbols, move your cursor along the bottom of the screen and a pop up bar should appear.
      • Click the symbols to turn audio on or off.


      • When you are not speaking, please mute yourself. (Red line through Microphone symbol.) This reduces background noise and makes it easier for participants to hear the person talking.
      • If the connection is poor, the host may ask people to turn off their videos to help with this.
  • You can join 10 minutes early and we can help trouble shoot any issues you are having.
  • You can also set up Zoom in advance by clicking the link now and testing your video and audio.

This sounds like a lot, but don’t worry! It’s really quite easy.

For more information that is specific to different devices, check out this article: