Youth Climate Activism Support

In 2022 TCAT shifted our approach in offering programing and support to local Youth Climate Activists. We laid down Youth Education Community Outreach (YECO), an action group of TCAT, which provided intergenerational support and networking opportunities for young climate leaders.

We are now following the leadership of the Thurston Youth Climate Coalition (TYCC), an independent, solely youth lead, coalition of students from schools across the county, working to put pressure on local politicians to take swifter necessary climate action. TCAT provides the TYCC with a liaison to keep communication channels open and act as a resource person for the youth activists. Additionally we collaborate on specific campaigns as needed and when our goals align.

Thurston Youth Climate Coalition Members on why they engage in Climate Activism:

Recent Youth Actions:

On Tuesday May 24th the Thurston Youth Climate Coalition (TYCC) took to the floor of Olympia City Council to Demand greater urgency be placed on the implementation of the Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan (TCMP). TYCC held a rally with speeches at Heritage Park followed by a march to City Hall. The youth then entered the council chambers for the City Council Meeting while supporters held a candlelight vigil outside and chalked messages about the urgency of the climate crisis as it pertains to the lives of future generations. The last student standing handed the city council the following Climate Report Card you can view here.

Past Youth Programing:

Youth Climate Climate Strike March 2022

Youth Climate-Fiction Submissions (2020-2021)

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Youth Voices on Climate Action Webinar (2020)

Thurston County Youth Climate Activists tell it like it is in this webinar focused on taking action!