Join a Climate Action Group!

Climate Action Groups give an opportunity for community members to volunteer with TCAT in different areas of interest.  By acting locally and thinking globally, we are making climate action history!

Please let us know which group(s) you are interested in joining and the skills and interests you bring to this effort by emailing us at or the contacts listed below. And don't forget to fill out our volunteer application!

Buildings as Climate Action (Green Buildings & Cities):A group to support and lead the community in fostering solutions to our climate emergency through green building policy, incentives and actions. In 2021 we joined a statewide coalition working on a building electrification legislative agenda for 2022. For more information contact

Tree Action Group: Works on making stronger local ordinances to protect trees, promoting and participating in the planting of more trees as a carbon sink, and educating the public to why trees are part of the climate solution.  For more information contact

The Climate Art in Action Group believes that beauty, creativity, and collaboration are essential to creating a world where we not only survive, but thrive. We use collaborative art as a way to engage with the hard realities of the climate crisis, to inspire others to take action in their own lives, and to pressure local government to take bold action for Climate Justice. For more information contact us at

Food and Agriculture: Works on supporting the transition to regenerative agriculture practices as a carbon sink. We focus on protection of farm land, creating incentives for local farmers using regenerative practices, strengthening our composting and food waste systems in Thurston county, and encouraging supply chain resiliency through more food grown in our county and on public lands.  For more information contact 

Electric Vehicle Action Group: Works to support and lead the community in fostering solutions to our climate emergency through the adoption of Electric Vehicles through both private and public ownership.

In 2022, we are focused on increasing the adoption of Electric Vehicles (EVs) through public education. We give EV presentations to local groups and organizations and host EV Car Shows so that people understand how fun, easy, and environmentally friendly EVs can be. We endeavor to monitor legislation at local, state, and federal levels. We advocate for increasing charging infrastructure and EV ready building codes. We are particularly interested in exploring how to make the transition to EVs as equitable as possible.

For more information contact Karen Messmer at