Food and Agriculture Action Group

Food and Agriculture: Works on supporting the transition to regenerative agriculture practices as a carbon sink. We focus on protection of farm land, creating incentives for local farmers using regenerative practices, strengthening our composting and food waste systems in Thurston county, and encouraging supply chain resiliency through more food grown in our county and on public lands.  For more information contact us at

In 2022 we are focusing on three key areas:

  • Food Waste and Composting systems
  • Growing Food and Native plants to Sequester Carbon on City Owned Lands
  • Creating a Land-Owner Regenerative Incentive Program →  Building a coalition of partner organizations to create a land-owner incentive program, incentivizing private land-owners (through monetary incentives and/or tax breaks) to lease at a low/affordable rate to farmers committed to regenerative practices.


Recorded Webinar: Eating Healthy For You and the Planet 

Marilyn Sitaker and Cathy Visser present about the relationship between food that is healthy for the planet and that which is healthy for us and what the research tells us about this connection.