Earth Friendly Eating Support and Action Group


This group is currently inactive, however if you would like more information and are interested in re-integrating the Food & Agriculture action group please contact, Lynn Fitz-Hugh:

A group for people who want to focus on changing the way they eat to be healthy for themselves and the planet. In this group, we will focus less on what we “should” eat, and more on supporting one another to make whatever changes we each feel comfortable with. You’ll set your own personal goals, out of a whole variety of choices: plant-based diet, wasting less food, eating more locally sources, eating more organic and regeneratively grown food, and so forth.

In this group, we understand that allergies, health conditions, cultural food preferences, budget and family food preferences influence the goals we choose.  

Recorded Webinar: Eating Healthy For You and the Planet 

Marilyn Sitaker and Cathy Visser present about the relationship between food that is healthy for the planet and that which is healthy for us and what the research tells us about this connection.