Delicious Again Potluck Contest

Potluck Contest Rules

Thanks for making a potluck dish and considering entering the contest.  Here are the rules:

*This does not have to be an original recipe.  If you use a recipe from a cookbook please just properly credit it.  (i.e. list the name of the cookbook, the copyright and the page number, so that others can find the recipe).

* Please bring a written or typed out copy of the recipe on one side of a piece of paper.   List ingredients with amounts at the top and directions at the bottom.  This will be posted so I’m afraid you cannot enter any recipe that you want to keep a family secret!  Please note if an ingredient is a potential allergen for other people: i.e. nuts, dairy, gluten or soy.


For the Leftovers category:

This does not have to be actually left over in your fridge at this very moment (that timing would be a bit difficult for most of us).  But it needs to have an ingredient that commonly winds up left over in someone’s fridge.  (example: rice, pasta, steamed vegetables that were a side, literally a bit of a previous dish repurposed into something like soup, the parts of the chicken no one ate, etc.)    So, if these things are not currently in your fridge you can cook enough of the typical leftover item: rice, chicken, steamed veggie, etc. to participate in this event.

Please definitely be sure everything is sanitary and unspoiled – has been kept stored in healthy ways!


For the Less Commonly Used category:

Here we are looking for recipes that make use of edible, but not commonly used (and thus wasted), foods.

Examples: broccoli stalks or cauliflower core, carrot tops, Dandelion greens, huckleberries, etc.

Tip: there is at least one cookbook out that has recipes from this category.


Please note that we will assign a number to your dish when it goes on the table.  Diners will be asked to vote for their favorite top 3 dishes at the end of the meal.  Since appearances will influence what they take on their plate in the first place, that will influence how many votes you potentially can get.


Thanks for cooking!