Buildings As Climate Action Group

Buildings as Climate Action (Green Buildings & Cities) is a group to support and lead the community in fostering solutions to our climate emergency through green building policy, incentives and actions. In 2021 we have joined a statewide coalition working on a building electrification legislative agenda. For more information contact us at

2021 Goals & Actions:

BACA is currently working on an action plan for education and advocacy towards implementation of related actions in the Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan. Actions are being taking place through these sub-groups:

  • Shifting from Gas to Electric
  • Upgrade at Time of Sale & C-PACER
  • Green Building Incentives
  • Low-income Housing


Energy Efficiency Resources

Renewable Energy Resources

Education Webinar: Net Zero Building | July 22, 2020

Healthy Zero Carbon Building Challenge - 2pg

Hemp Building Materials: Pat Rasmussen shared her info regarding Hemp Building Materials, and told us about the webinar on Hempcrete and Hempwool insulation:  See  product information on HempWood also.

C-PACER: Chris described the new Commercial - Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing law (HB 2405 Bill Text), and shared a video explaining how it  works: And here's a page from the NW Energy Coalition re the new law.

Brussels Model During discussion of the 20 by 2020 Building Challenge, Zack Semke mentioned the Brussels Model after which their challenge was designed.  Here are two good articles about the Brussels model, it is very inspiring! 1. Brussels Exemplary Buildings Program + Passive House Law of 2011 2. How Brussels Went Passive.