Buildings As Climate Action Group:  To support and lead the community in fostering solutions to our climate emergency through green building policy, incentives and actions.


Buildings As Climate Action (BACA) meets every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at 12:00PM 

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Action Group Goals for 2020:  To effect the rapid implementation of the Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan - Buildings and Energy strategies and actions.

  • Focus advocacy and leadership on 5-10 Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan B-group actions
  • Engage and mobilize 500 people
  • Launch a high-profile "Exemplary Buildings Challenge" demonstration project, supported with Cities’ & County incentives, to build 50 zero carbon buildings by 2025.

Calls to Action


Education Webinar: Net Zero Building | July 22, 2020


Healthy Zero Carbon Building Challenge - 2pg

Working Draft of a proposal to call on the private sector to showcase climate-friendly building practices, and urge our local jurisdictions to adopt incentives outlined in the Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan.


Resources discussed at BACA meeting on April 1, 2020:


Group Meeting Notes

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