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Buildings as Climate Action

Buildings As Climate Action Group:  To support and lead the community in fostering solutions to our climate emergency through green building policy, incentives and actions.

Action Group Goals for 2020:  To effect the rapid implementation of the Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan – Buildings and Energy strategies and actions.

  • Focus advocacy and leadership on 5-10 Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan B-group actions
  • Engage and mobilize 500 people
  • Launch a high-profile “Exemplary Buildings Challenge” demonstration project, supported with Cities’ & County incentives, to build 50 zero carbon buildings by 2025.


Healthy Zero Carbon Building Challenge – 2pg

Working Draft of a proposal to call on the private sector to showcase climate-friendly building practices, and urge our local jurisdictions to adopt incentives outlined in the Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan.

Resources discussed at BACA meeting on april 1, 2020:

Calls to Action

Group Meeting Notes

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