Big Win for Healthy Homes and Clean Codes: Thank you for championing a healthier future!

We want to take a moment to celebrate! On Friday November 4th, the State Building Code Council voted to adopt new statewide residential building codes that will drive the transition to safe and healthy homes that run on low-cost, 100% clean electricity instead of methane gas — a climate super-polluter that also harms health. The state’s action to require heat pumps for space and water heating in new home construction follows similar action earlier this year on commercial and large multifamily buildings, making Washington’s statewide building codes among the strongest in the nation for using heat pumps in all new construction. The new building codes also improve kitchen ventilation to protect health.

This is because of your advocacy and the tireless work of so many allies throughout the state! Over the last few months, over 4,650 people statewide made their voices heard for healthier homes, safe communities, and clean codes! Seventeen environmental organizations contributed to this campaign. There were letters from 18 building industry organizations, 7 affordable housing organizations, 16 racial justice organizations, 2 health care organizations, over 100 faith leaders, and 68 local elected officials from all parts of the state.

This shows us how broad and far reaching the movement for building decarbonization is and it reminds us that when we work together and organize, we can succeed at creating policies and practices that will benefit future generations! Thank you for being a part of it!

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