The TCAT Statement on the Murder of Timothy Green

Art by Nomi Lamm

The Thurston Climate Action Team releases the following statement in response to the recent death of Timothy Green:

The recent incident where Timothy Green was fatally shot by the Olympia Police reminds us of all the work that needs to be done. TCAT doubles down on our efforts for equity in the work we do as an individual organization as well as in the partnerships within our community.

At the Thurston Climate Action Team (TCAT), we not only work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but we strive for Thurston County to be healthy, just, and joyous for all people. We also strive for affordable housing for all and for government transparency.

Likewise, TCAT recognizes that the violence of environmental and climate injustice is at its root the same violence of social injustice. Sadly, statistics show that black, indigenous, and people of color, (BIPOC) as well as other members in low-income communities continue to be the recipients of this violence more often than not. While homes and local communities should be one’s safe space, the reality is that this is not the case, and the residents of these marginalized communities are more likely than others with privilege not only to face violence but to also get sick and die because of climate breakdown’s direct or indirect effects.

We cannot tackle climate change without tackling social inequalities.  And, we uplift here the statement released by Timothy Green’s family.

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