Get your Free Electric Vehicle Bumper Stickers Here!

By Thad Curtz and Carrie Ziegler

TCAT’s Transportation Action Group is working on a bumper sticker campaign to promote the adoption of electric vehicles. Behavior change research shows that one of the best ways to get someone to make a change is to see a lot of other people already doing it. “Keeping up with the Joneses” can be put to good use when people see their neighbors doing something good for the environment. 

With that in mind, the Transportation Action Group believes that making the number of plug-in cars in the area more visible by having bumper stickers on them will encourage our neighbors to get one the next time they’re shopping for a car. 

We have two versions of the bumper sticker available. If you have a plug-in car (a full battery electric or a plug-in hybrid) and you’re willing to put a bumper sticker on it, we will send you one FREE!

To get your bumper sticker, email Thad Curtz at 
Be sure to include:

  • Your mailing address. 
  • Which version of the bumper sticker you want (see below).
  • How many bumper stickers you would like. 

Please share this with people you know in Thurston County who own a plug-in vehicle and might want to put one of these bumper stickers on it.

If you would like to offer a donation, visit and note your donation is for bumper stickers.

Here are the choices: 

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