The Fight for Environmental Justice Is Not Over!

By Samara Almonte | TCAT Digital Media Coordinator

It’s a new year, and the fight for environmental and climate justice is only growing stronger. As you might recall, in June of 2020 TCAT published a newsletter centering Black voices and their experiences in the environmental movement, along with different educational resources on the topic. If you have not read this issue yet or would like to revisit the information, it’s still available in our archives here!

Whether you want to further your education on environmental justice issues, or start your commitment to addressing racial and socio-economic inequities in the fight for climate justice, below is list of resources available.

New Books Available:

Shorter Reading Material:

Don’t have much time to read? Get into the podcast trend! Although podcasts have been around for quite some time now, according to Grist magazine “2020 was the year climate podcasts went mainstream”. Check out their favorite podcasts from 2020 here!
Other environmental justice podcasts not featured on this list, but definitely worth checking out are Outside Voices Podcast Breaking Green Ceilings Podcast and the recently launched Youth Climate Justice Podcast Series by the Duwamish River Clean Up Coalition. 

Lastly, if you are looking for ways to support environmental justice efforts monetarily, there is a local option available.The Canoe Journey Herbalists is a non-profit based in Olympia, Washington focused on supporting the Intertribal Canoe Journey with free offerings of plant medicine and herbal healing. They are currently raising funds to purchase land, as a means to establish a headquarters for their future programming. Click here to donate!

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