Movie Review: WALL-E

By Elsie Sabel

Out of the many films I watched as a child, Wall-E is one of the few that I distinctly recall. I remember watching it on long car trips and boring Sunday afternoons. So, I decided to watch it again to see if it still had the same magic with an older audience. And it’s safe to say that it met and exceeded my expectations. The story follows a sweet, hundred year old robot who was left to clean up the miles upon miles of trash while the human race went up into the galaxy in a giant spaceship. It was only meant to be for a few years but the atmosphere on earth was too toxic for anything to grow and that 5 years turned into 700 years. Wall-E is the only robot left when he meets EVE, a newer robot sent down from the ship to look for plant life. It was just as charming as it was when I was a child and is still very relevant even though it came out 12 years ago. Wall-E is important because it introduces children to the idea of climate change and while it doesn’t water it down, it shows the new generation that we can still repair the damage that we’ve done. Wall-E is also more of an emotional roller-coaster than I remember. It follows a lovable main character as he is thrust into a new world of experiences and new love. As he gets blasted into space and onto the human’s spaceship, it seems that he is more human than the people living there.  They are aimless and literally get everything handed to them. They are told that this makes them happy but in reality it just makes them useless. And yet, Wall-E manages to keep a light tone and has a resounding message of hope at the end. It is a wonderful movie for all ages.

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