Black Lives Matter

We are unable to move forward with climate action, if we don’t recognize and challenge the systems which de-humanize Black Americans and resist the climate actions necessary for our survival. TCAT believes that racial justice is directly connected to the fight for climate justice. In our theory of change, TCAT recognizes that to create change, we must first define the problem we are trying to solve. The recent and historical violence against Black people in the U.S is a result of the injustices that founded this nation: the genocide of Indigenous people and slavery of Black people in this country. One consequence of this history is economic and political institutions that place profits over people. It is a privilege for many of us only to be worried about fighting for climate justice, instead of surviving daily from White supremacy. TCAT is committed to amplifying the voices of Black, Indigenous, Latinx and other People of Color in our communities through the Thurston Climate Equity Project, to assure these communities’ needs are included in the Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan

As an organization based in action, TCAT believes it is important to stay informed and acquire knowledge from many resources in order to take action. The resources shared here are only a sliver of the information available on connecting climate actions to racial justice, and we encourage you all to continue on the journey of dismantling all oppressive systems that affect not just our planet, but people across the world.

Social movements are driven by collective actions and each of us have a role we partake in. Some of us are educators in our communities, while others are direct organizers. No matter what your role is, every person can take part in social change. For a list of petitions to sign, places to donate and educational resources in support of Black Lives Matter, click here.

Other ways you can take action are by visiting the 500 Women Scientists page on “Communiting Your Support For #BlackLivesMatter: Do’s, Don’ts and Resources” or reading about “5 Ways White People Can Take Action in Response to White and State-Sanctioned Violence” by Showing Up for Racial Justice on Medium. 

To deepen anti-racism work and bring awareness to a greater number of educational resources, make sure to share these anti-racism resources among your different communities.

For more resources check-out the TCAT Newsletter for BLM here

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