Send Comments by March 4 to protect Rocky Prairie and Millersylvania State Park.

By Friends of Rocky Prairie

Action Alert: Comments needed by March 4.

Commissioners have sent all the new requests for Comprehensive Plan amendments out for public comments.  After those comments come in, the Commissioners will decide whether to put NorthPoint’s request for the rezone of Rocky Prairie on the final docket to be worked on. Of course we don’t want that; we want them to refuse to consider rezoning the area from rural residential to industrial use and a massive truck/train industrial distribution center.

All previously submitted comments will be considered and do not need to be sent again, so if you’ve commented, skip down to the Update section for a summary of our progress.

If you have not yet sent comments to the county, or if you have additional comments you want to add, this is your chance to have your voice heard.

Let them know you oppose the docketing of Amendment CP-17 – the rezoning of the Port of Tacoma Maytown Property to rural industrial – and provide them with any specific reasons (Millersylvania Park, traffic, aquifer effects, pollution, endangered species, property values, keeping rural areas rural, etc.).  You can find more about these issues on our website

We do not want them to add this to the docket and waste county resources and taxpayer money looking further into this project.  NorthPoint, the developer, has provided enough information (such as wanting to pave over 472 acres to accommodate thousands of trucks per day) for us to know this is bad for our county and even worse for Millersylvania and the surrounding communities.

Send Comments by March 4th to:

Help Spread the Word

Please contact your friends and family in Thurston County and ask them to email the county as well.  We need to send a clear message to the county, Port of Tacoma and Northpoint that we do not want this land industrialized.

Please Facebook, Instagram, Tweet, email, text, and call everyone you know and ask them to send a comment to the county by March 4 – oppose Comp. Plan Amendment CP-17 and protect our rural areas.

Update: What has FORP been doing?

  • We have gathered nearly 6000 signatures opposing the rezone and delivered these to the county.
  • We have met with city, county, and state agencies and officials to make sure they have all the information on this project and the sensitive land; as a result:
    • Tenino City Council passed a resolution opposing the rezone.
    • Tumwater City Council sent a letter to the Thurston County Commissioners opposing the rezone.
    • Olympia City Council unanimously approved a resolution opposing the rezone.
    • Thurston County Democrats unanimously passed a resolution asking the county not to rezone the property.
    • A bi-partisan group of state legislators has sent a letter to the county commissioners opposing the rezone.
  • We have built a coalition of groups to support our cause:  The Coalition to Protect Rocky Prairie from NorthPoint’s Industrialization.  Some of the members are:
    • League of Women Voters
    • Black Hills Audubon Society
    • Sierra Club, South Sound Chapter
    • Futurewise
    • Olympia Indivisible
    • Center for Biological Diversity

If your group would like to join our coalition or learn more, please contact: 

If you have any questions not answered by the website, or any connections or information you think would help with our cause, please let us know.

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