Climate Action Toolbox – New Website with Resources for Thurston County Climate Action

By Thad Curtz

Some comments at one of the recent work sessions to develop our regional climate action plan led to my building a website to share materials about actually implementing the ideas for reducing emissions that have been proposed so far. It’s at (There’s nothing about some of the ideas because I thought they were about things staff were already familiar with, or because I thought they were too general to be manageable, or because I didn’t know anything about them, or because I haven’t got to them yet…)

I hope the website will be useful to people working on climate issues, as well as supporting the work of City and County staff when the plan is finished, and adopted, and funded, and they eventually start working on implementing ideas from it. If anyone has suggestions about corrections, possible additions, or other ways I might try to make this more useful over time, I’d like to have them. (TRPC maintains a page about the meetings and materials for this ongoing planning process at

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