New York City Filled With Road Signs Flashing Climate Warnings, Including ‘Climate Denial Kills’

October 04, 2018 
By Michael Bastasch | Energy Editor, The Daily Caller 

For the next month, pedestrians walking through New York City’s five boroughs will see flashing road signs warning those walking by of the alleged dangers of man-made global warming.

“Climate denial kills,” “Abolish Coal-Onialism,” “50,000,000 Climate Refugees” and “End climate injustice” are just some of the warnings passersby will see as part of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s effort to sound the alarm on global warming.

De Blasio’s office teamed up with the Climate Museum as part of a campaign called “Climate Signals” to put up road signs with warnings that were designed by artist Justin Brice Guariglia.

“When you see a traffic sign, your pulse quickens a little and you know you have to be on the alert for a changing condition that could affect your safety,” Climate Museum Director Miranda Massie told Yale Climate Connections on Wednesday.

The Climate Museum raised the money to put up the signs, so the climate advocacy campaign comes at no cost to the city, according to de Blasio’s office. (RELATED: Trump Officials Say There’s ‘A Major Problem’ With The UN’s Upcoming Climate Report, Leaked Comments Show)

“The signs were provided at no cost to the city, the Museum raised all the funds themselves,” de Blasio spokesman Seth Stein told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

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