* Simplified bill analysis worksheet

Bill Analysis Template

This template is intended to make it easier to weigh the effect of legislation. Numbered bill sections are either NEW SECTIONs and represent language that will become new law if approved. Or, it will reference the RCW that’s being amended. In the case of changes to existing law, new language is underlined and removed language is struck through.


Bill Number: HB-#### or SB-####

Bill Title: This is just before the first bill section

Sponsors: Prime sponsor is first


Section 1: NEW SECTION

         New Section: Often, if this is the first section, it describes the intent of the bill. Put in your own language. If it is a later section, it refers to new law. Describe the new law in your own language.

            Effect: If this is new law, describe what the effect will be.


Section 2: Amends RCW #######

Current Law: Fill in your understanding of the current law. You can also look at bill reports to check your understanding.

Proposed Law: Look at what’s been added and removed. Describe the changed language.

            Effect: Assess the difference between the current and proposed law. Describe what the effect will be.


Section 3: Amends RCW #######

Continue to the end of the bill.


Bill Summary: You may want to summarize the effects of the bill in its current status. This is based on the effects you identified in the section-by-section


Online Bill Information is available at http://apps.leg.wa.gov/billinfo/default.aspx

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