Monthly Action Hour

Over the summer we are suspending live-synchronous Action Hour meetings. However, we will send out Action Blasts (just like the agendas we use for Action Hour) full of quick and easy actions you can take asynchronously on our own time. These Action Blasts will be sent once a month, during the final week of the month when Monthly Action Hour would normally take place. If you would like to receive Action Blasts and you are not already on the Monthly Action Hour listserv contact Alice at 

 We will resume meeting live Thursday September 29th at 12:00pm via zoom to take action together synchronously.

Action Hour General

Most of us can probably agree that it's way more fun and motivating to take action alongside other people. So, we're launching a monthly Virtual Action Hour. During the lunch hour on final Thursdays you can join us on zoom for dedicated letter writing, phone banking, and/or petition signing time. We'll have a vetted list of actions to take, with talking points and scripts pre-prepared for you. This is a great covid-conscious way to gather and set aside dedicated time to write all those letters to your representatives you get emails about and sign the petitions filling up your inbox!

Email Alice at  if you want to be added to the Action Hour listserve and receive meeting links each Final Thursday!