PO Box 13324, Olympia, WA 98508 info@thurstonclimateaction.org

Carbon Free Thurston Campaign

October 16, 2019 - 6:30 PM
Panorama's Quinault Apartment Building
1835 Circle Lane, Lacey

The Carbon Free Thurston (CFT) campaign works to support the Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan being developed by the County and the cities of Olympia, Lacey, and Olympia.

At this meeting, we will be

  • Working on early actions with cities and the county
  • Encouraging local government to put climate action money in their 2020 budgets
  • Introducing TCAT’s climate equity project

Questions: Contact Tom Crawford at tom@thurstonclimateaction.org


To find the Quinault apartment building:
The main entrance to Panorama is on Sleater Kinney just south of 14th Ave SE which has a flashing red light and four way stop signs. By the big sign saying Panorama, turn left into Panorama. Go a short way and then bear right at the small traffic circle.

Pass the first big building on your right, Panorama Hall, where the restaurant is. The address is 1751 Circle Lane. Chihuly red/yellow art outside.

The second big building on your right is the Quinault apartment building: the address is 1835 Circle Lane.

This gives you the location of the Quinault, however there is no parking at the Quinault.

Thus you need to park before you reach the Quinault. (Parking is difficult at Panorama!) There may be a few unreserved spaces in the parking lot between Panorama Hall and Quinault. If there are, use them.

Your best bet is to park in the much larger parking lot before Panorama Hall, which you can turn into immediately upon turning right at the small traffic circle. Park in that lot and walk to the Quinault from there.

To find the Tacoma Conference Room:
Enter the main entrance to Quinault, which faces Circle Lane. A short way inside, there is an elevator on your left, and a little farther on, a stairway on your right. By either method, go down one level.

In the corridor you enter, look for signs to the exercise room. (Do not go past the Coffee Room; that’s the wrong hallway.) Past the double door, the first room on your left is the Tacoma Conference Room, where we will be meeting.

The sign to it is on the wall itself, unlike the rest of the signs in that corridor. (It’s a beautiful new room, and the overhead sign is not yet up.)

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