November 14, 2019 - 6:30 pm


Learn more about the The Bush Prairie Habitat Conservation Plan, which is being developed to balance growth and the preservation of endangered species within the City of Tumwater and its urban growth area.

  • Goals of the Habitat Conservation Plan
  • Protected Species
  • Habitat Characteristics and Boundaries
  • Activities and Infrastructure covered by the Plan
  • Implementation Timeline
  • Next Steps

About the Bush Prairie Habitat Conservation Plan
The City of Tumwater and the Port of Olympia’s Olympia Regional Airport are located on the site of a glacial prairie historically called Bush Prairie after its most remarkable early resident, George Washington Bush, who settled here in 1845. Since then most of Bush Prairie has been converted to agriculture or forestry, residences, and businesses, but part of it still remains and provides a home for the unique flora and fauna of the South Puget Sound Prairie ecosystem.

More info on the Bush Prairie Habitat Conservation Plan:

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