TCAT at Harbor Days

September 3, 2022 - 10:00 am


This year, TCAT will have a space at the annual Labor Day weekend Harbor Days Festival along the waterfront in downtown Olympia. We’ll be hosting a climate art space on Saturday, September 3rd, which will include climate justice wayfinding sign making, a community climate commitment photo booth, mural painting on upcycled sail cloth, and more.  Sunday, September 4th we will have a small Electric Vehicle (EV) show put on by members of our EV Action Group.  In addition, there will be a letter writing station both days and possible induction stove demonstrations.

We are looking for volunteers to help staff the various art stations on Saturday, and there’s no need to be an experienced artist to volunteer! We could also use volunteer support for set up and clean up both days, staffing the letter writing area, and sharing general information about TCAT. If you are interested in getting involved or volunteering, there is most certainly a way to put your skills to use, so please reach out!

Contact Marisa at  and Carrie at  for more information or to volunteer!

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