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Webinar: Transform climate talk into climate roadmaps

September 12, 2019 - 10 AM


Solving the climate crisis means a radical transformation on all levels of society. Which requires a clear overview of how to reduce emissions.  Meet the people who transform climate talk into roadmaps for the climate. Register for free webinar

Special guests Paul Dickinson (CDP), Kate Garvey (Project everyone), Tomer Shalit (Climate View) and Nuria Albet (Renovable in La Palma island, Canary Islands) show how to enable all stakeholders to collaborate towards ambitious emission targets.

Also in the show: The Amazonas on fire, the upcoming climate summit in New York and the massive climate manifestations planned by the youth climate movement. Meet Nick Nuttall (Director Strategic Communications Earth Day Network), Jill Kubit (Co-Founder of Our kids’ Climate), Alexandria Villaseñor co-founder of US Youth Climate Strike and founder of Earth Uprising and Ingmar Rentzhog (CEO We Don’t Have Time).

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