December 4, 2019 - 1:30 pm


The Focus Group will evaluate and prioritize possible actions (available here) of the Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan TCMP to reduce community-wide GHG emissions. Public comment period at end of meeting.

The Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan (TCMP) is the work of Lacey, Olympia, Tumwater and Thurston County to determine how to meet the greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets they agreed to last year: 45% below 2015 levels by 2030, and 85% below by 2050.

At its October 24th meeting the TCMP Steering Committee adopted the following criteria for setting priorities:

  • Greenhouse Gas Reduction Potential
  • Speed of Deployment
  • Control
  • Co-benefits

A summary of the criteria adopted and selection process is posted online.

There will be a set time for public comments at the end of the meeting. If there is space available, and it will support achievement of the meeting objectives, the facilitator may invite interested members of the public to participate in the evaluation activity, but that is at the discretion of the facilitator.

Materials from past meetings are posted on the Thurston Regional Planning Council website on the “Meetings & Materials” page. There are summaries available for the Steering Committee and Climate Advisory Workgroup meetings.


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