December 4, 2020 - 1:15 pm



Action Items:

  • Carrie will send out this Doodle Poll to pick a date for a Equity and Transportation watch party and discussion as a way to get us thinking about how to better include equity in our work.
  • Jeff, Wayne, and Cleve will meet separately to discuss the possibility of having a shared vehicle program at Panorama.
  • The City of Olympia’s Transportation Master Plan is out for review until December 16. Eliane, Joe, and Jeff Miller agreed to look through the plan and suggest key items for us to comment on. They will present this at the next meeting. You can find a link to the plan here:
  • Carrie will work on getting better signage on I-5 about EV charging stations
  • Cleve and Joe (I think!) will take one more look at our FAQs for the web

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