October 24, 2019 - 11:00 am


Teleconference about Earthjustice’s work to transition the US to zero emissions and 100% clean energy, our partnership with a historic national climate coalition, and how these high-level initiatives translate into real change on the ground for impacted communities. Register here.

We stand at a pivotal point in the fight against climate catastrophe. Heading into a critical 2020 election and with unprecedented grassroots and political momentum for swift action, how is Earthjustice rising to the challenge of advancing bold and equitable climate solutions that ensure a just and healthy future for all?

Please join Jill Tauber, Earthjustice’s new vice president of litigation for climate and energy, and Luis Torres, senior legislative representative, for a member teleconference to discuss the most pressing issue of our time.

Please register for call-in information, and contact Kerry Dyer at with any questions about the teleconference.

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