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Climate Mitigation Plan, Steering Committee meeting

February 6, 2019 - 12 PM
Thurston Regional Planning Council
2424 Heritage Court SW, Olympia

First meeting of the Steering Committee for the Regional Climate Mitigation Plan. Open to the public.


1) Introductions
2) Overview of Agenda, Meeting Materials, and Decision Points
3) Project Overview Presentation
• How the mitigation plan complements the adaptation plan adopted in 2018
4) Review and approval of draft charter for Steering Committee
5) Overview of Draft Schedule
6) Overview of Consultant Team RFQ/P
7) Overview of Stakeholder Committee list
8) Set next meeting date(s)
• Suggestion: Continue meeting first Wednesday of each month, from 12-1:30PM
9) Public Comment

Thurston Regional Planning Council Staff are drafting an RFQ/P, charter, and other deliverables, which will be given to the Steering Committee at its Feb. 6 meeting (and post online in advance). Our plan is to issue the RFQ/P in early February, so we can get the consultant team in place by early spring.

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