February 12, 2020 - 5:30 pm


Presentations on waste reduction, recycling and landfills, by Steven Gilmore of Republic Services, and Joe Hyer. Order food by 5:30 PM for meeting at 6 PM.

  • Steven Gilmore, Municipal Relationship Manager, Republic Services will provide a regional update on waste reduction, recycling and landfills.
  • Joe Hyer will share local and county proposals related to waste reduction including a specific proposal in Tumwater.

To close, we’ll also have:

  • A few brief presentations on getting involved in the legislative process, the Thurston County Conservation District, and our group’s committee assignments.
  • A discussion on plastic bag bans and HB1110/SB5412 (clean fuel bill).

For further information please contact Phyllis Farrell at phyllisfarrell681@hotmail.com

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