January 8, 2020 - 5:30 pm


Presentation by Yonit Yogev: Equitable Access to Outdoor Spaces: Where Environmental Organizations fit into the Picture. Order food by 5:30 PM for meeting at 6 PM. Go to Sierra Club South Sound site for more info.

Yonit Yogev has been working at Mount Rainier National Park and is our presenter. According to Yonit, her presentation summarizes her thesis research, which utilized Participatory Action Research methodology. Participants gave input into the approach, direction and design of the study and continued to provide feedback at all stages. The conclusions summarize their (40 participants) input into what the National Park Service (and also other agencies and environmental organizations) can do to expand access for underserved communities.

Yonit will focus more on the results and current trends and work that is happening now, but will also give a brief review of the background and methodology.

Below are a couple of sites that describe her work through the Green 2.0 (formerly the Green diversity Initiative).



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