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ZOOM Meeting: Resiliency Story Circle

April 2, 2020 - 7 PM


Share a story of resilience or come to listen and be inspired by others.  Join the storytelling circle using this link:  https://zoom.us/j/837947240

This TCAT event will be different from other educational events we have traditionally held, and we hope it will be a really fun, uplifting and participatory event for you to join.

If you have never done a zoom call, click here for our Zoom tips on how to do this.  It is easy!

We ask you to bring a story from your own life or ideally from previous generations of your family (that has been passed down to you.)  Please give some thought to what kinds of traits it reflects: creativity, determination, loyalty, cooperation, ingenuity, devotion, etc.  Be sure to lift that up in your story.  Storytellers will be limited to 5 to 8 minutes max (I know that may sound long but it is actually incredibly short when you are telling a story – 8 minutes is two typed pages).

You do not have to bring a story to come listen but do give it serious consideration.  Many people do not consider themselves to be “storytellers” but actually we all are.  When you tell someone about the crazy driver who came out of nowhere, did X and nearly caused an accident, you are telling a story.  When you talk about discovering how your child was playing hooky from school, you are telling a story.  So take a resilient risk and share a story with us.

These stories from our families of sacrifice, heroism and determination hold important information about resiliency for all of us to learn from.

This pandemic crisis is sort of a dress rehearsal for climate change.  We must develop the skill of resiliency in order to face this crisis and in order to make change to avoid a worse change in the next decade because of climate crisis.  Luckily we each carry in our lineage the stories of resiliency that are why we are here walking the earth – how previous generations of our families made it through famines, wars, economic crashes, poverty, heartbreak and loss of all kinds.


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