February 25, 2021 - 7:00 pm


Hosted by Citizens’ Climate Lobby Chapters of Lewis County and Vancouver WA | Free Screening and Panel Discussion for Washington snow sport enthusiasts. Register here

Featured Panelists:

Kevin McCarthy, General Manager White Pass Ski Resort. White Pass is located 53 miles west of Yakima on US-12, and 54 miles east of Morton. As the crow flies, the pass is 25 miles southeast of the summit of Mount Rainier and 30 miles north of Mount Adams.
Carrie Brausieck, Resource Planner Snohomish County Conservation District. Carrie works with that area’s diverse agricultural community on a variety of issues including finance, climate change, conservation, environmental security, and sustainability.
Dr. Kevin Downing is a Consulting Exploration Geologist based in Packwood WA. He has been banging the climate change warning drum since the early 90s. He is also a backcountry snowboarder.

Event Moderator:

Tamara Staton, Education and Resilience Coordinator & Pacific Northwest Regional Coordinator for Citizens Climate Lobby. Tamara supports chapter group leaders and expansion efforts in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, Hawaii and 3 other Pacific islands. In her downtime, you might find her backpacking, kayaking or camping with her family.

Hosted by Citizens’ Climate Lobby Chapters of Lewis County and Vancouver WA

About The Film

Professional snowboarder and mountaineer Jeremy Jones has an intimate relationship with the outdoors. It’s his escape, his identity, and his legacy. But over the course of his 45 years in the mountains, he’s seen many things change: more extreme weather, fewer snow days, and economic strain on mountain towns.
Motivated by an urge to protect the places he loves, Jeremy sets out on a physical and philosophical journey to find common ground with fellow outdoor people across diverse political backgrounds. He learns their hopes and fears while walking a mile in their shoes on the mountain and in the snow.
With intimacy and emotion set against breathtaking backdrops, Purple Mountains navigates America’s divide with a refreshing perspective: even though we may disagree about climate policy, our shared values can unite us.

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