Project Drawdown Series: Reducing Sources of GHG Emissions

May 6, 2021 - 7:30 pm


Join climate scientist and Citizens’ Climate Lobby Leader Steve Ghan to view and discuss Reducing Sources, a short video produced by DRAWDOWN

How can we stop harmful emissions in their tracks? Discover fascinating, up-to-date methods for halting emissions before they reach the atmosphere. This unit walks through the five largest sources of greenhouse gases—electricity, food, industry, transportation, and buildings—bringing the path to a safer, low-carbon economy into sharper relief. Learn which sources make up the biggest slices of the global emissions pie.

Invite your friends and join Steve Ghan (CCL group leader and climate scientist) as he partners with The Reach, a Richland museum, to view and discuss each of the short videos.  Everyone is welcome to join!  Or simply watch the DRAWDOWN videos on your own.

Thursday, May 6: Reducing Sources

Thursday, May 13: Supporting Sinks and Improving Society 

Thursday, May 20: Putting it All Together

Thursday, May 27: Making it Happen

To participate, go to this zoom link:

NOTE: Previous videos that were shown and discussed can be viewed at this link

  • Setting the Stage, April 23
  • Stopping Climate Change, April 29

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