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Procession of the Species Celebration

April 27, 2019 - 4:30 PM


The Procession of the Species is a joyous, spontaneous artistic pageant where community members celebrate their relationships with each other and with the natural world. More info

At 4:30 pm the Procession will start from the intersection of Cherry and Legion Ave and proceed west on Legion Ave two blocks to Franklin; turn right (north) one block to 5th Ave; turn left (west) one block to Washington; turn left (south) two blocks to 7th Ave; turn right (west) one block to Capitol; turn right two blocks to 5th Ave; turn left (west) three blocks to enter fountain area of Heritage Park for closing celebration.

(Note: You can pick up an Arts Walk/Procession Route Map at downtown businesses. The best viewing for those with groups requiring special transportation is along Legion between Adams and Franklin.)

Spectators are welcome to join in with the procession at any point along the route. BUT REMEMBER: Spectators who join in with the procession are subject to the same considerations and policies that assure the safety and wellbeing of both participants and the intent of the Procession of the Species Celebration. Please remember to respect the rules: No written words/symbols – No pets/live animals – No motorized vehicles/boom boxes (electric wheelchairs are a welcomed exception).

Created by the community for the community, the Procession program facilitates seven weeks of art, music, and dance workshops that inspire personal understanding of and local action for wildlife protection.

Then on Procession day, residents don their creative expressions and proceed through the streets of Olympia in masks and costumes. Carrying banners, windsocks, and giant puppets, they participate in a cultural exchange honoring the awe and splendor of the natural world.

There are just three Procession rules:

No written words • No pets • No motorized vehicles

The three rules inspire, nourish, and protect the Procession’s cultural evolution of imagination, creation, and sharing.

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