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NO Methanol Monday

October 14, 2019 - 8 AM
Department of Ecology Headquarters
300 Desmond Drive SE, Lacey

Show up at the Department of Ecology headquarters in Lacey or call their office every Monday until the world’s largest fracked gas to methanol refinery in Kalama is denied! RSVP here.

Greet Department of Ecology staff as they start their week with donuts and coffee, and kindly ask them to stop the methanol refinery!

Call the Department of Ecology at 360-407-6300. Tell the receptionist your name, where you are calling from, and that you want them to Deny the Shorelines Permit for the Kalama Methanol Refinery.

About the Project: Northwest Innovation Works has proposed to build the world’s largest fracked gas to methanol refinery on the Columbia River in Kalama. It would pollute the same amount as 1.2 million cars, use millions of gallons of water from the Columbia River each day, pollute the air with cancer causing toxins, and has a high chance of explosion during an earthquake.

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