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Introduction to Green Building Economics

January 17, 2019 - 11 AM


Free webinar will Introduce Business Cases and Triple Bottom Line Cost Benefit Analysis for Green Buildings Register here.

Speakers will explain how Triple Bottom Line-Cost Benefit Analysis (TBL-CBA) is used to quantify the financial, social, and environmental impacts of a given project or proposal, all in dollar terms. This makes it possible to craft objective, transparent and comparable project proposals that can be justified to key stakeholders such as investors, government officials, building owners, tenants or the local community. Case studies showcasing how triple bottom line cost benefit analysis can be applied in different scenarios will be shared.


  • As McMac Cx president, David MacLean is focused on bringing full disclosure, a heightened level of transparency and accountability to the Design, Construction and Operations of our built environment.
  • Julie Hendricks, vice president and director of EcoServices at Kirksey, is a sustainability consultant and licensed architect who has managed the LEED certification process for more than 70 projects.
  • Stéphane Larocque, chief operating officer at Autocase, brings a background as an internationally recognized professional in the field of triple-bottom line economic analysis, and has established himself as a thought leader in this space, co-developing the Sustainable Return on Investment (SROI) framework.

Sponsored by Autocase

Hosted by Sustainable City Network

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