Info Session: Statewide Building Electrification Campaign

January 5, 2022 - 6:30 pm


Why the focus on building electrification?  Statewide, buildings are the source of 27% of our emissions which is the second largest source after transportation. Unfortunately, building emissions are also going up!  Since 1990 they have risen 51%.   Every time we build a building that is not energy inefficient and uses fossil fuels, we create a problem that will last on average 50 years.   We have to quickly change our new building stock so that they don’t heat with fossil fuels.   The state has already committed to greening our grid meaning that electricity is supposed to be fossil fuel free in our state by 2035. We must electrify our buildings and cars so they will run from clean sources.

In the next legislative session a statewide coalition of environmental groups will be pushing for a package of bills to help the electrification transition unfold.   Please come to an info session hosted by TCAT on Wed Jan 5th at 6:30 to learn about opportunities to engage and write some letters together. These important letters of support are needed by Jan 15th.

Our statewide building codes are updated every 3 years.  They will be updated this year, and part of the above package includes updates that will electrify our buildings, make them more energy efficient, and increase solar access.   If passed they would be the most progressive energy codes in the country and a model to follow.  We want you to join us in making this happen!

Locally, Council Member Lisa Parshley has introduced into the Olympia City Council measures to commit all city buildings to electrification as well as an effort to get Olympia’s new commercial buildings to be only electric.  There will however, first be a study of this. The other jurisdictions are signaling interest in doing the same.  This also will require our support.

Come to this meeting to learn all about electrification,  what the action points are in the months to come, and how to respond to critics.   We will end with a brief email action.

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