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Webinar: How Big Data Can Quantify Community Social and Climate Risks

October 16, 2019 - 10:15 AM


This free webinar will demonstrate a new application, RiskMetrix4ESG, that combines geospatial data to assess financial, health, environmental and well being conditions at the local level.  Three case analyses will be presented Register here.

Chatmine’s Suchi Gopal and Josh Pitts and their client, Breckinridge Capital Advisors, will demonstrate a new application that combines geospatial data to assess financial, health, environmental and well being conditions at the local level. Chatmine is using the application to support Brekinridge’s investment grade municipal bond analyses.

Currently, community risk analysis includes only a few large-scale parameters, such as extreme weather, employment rates, and business outlooks. The current practice is to generate a single standard Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) score for a country or region, which does not consider significant sub-national spatial differences or the differential importance of ESG factors in estimating the risk profile. The results are general assessments that lack the granular precision required to support investment-grade analyses.

Now the world of big data opens the door to include real-time, local factors that indicate equally important threats to community well-being. Poverty rates, education attainment, food insecurity, English fluency, greenspace, medical providers, air and water quality, and other ESG factors can now be captured at the neighborhood level and used to more thoroughly evaluate the stability, resiliency and economic vitality of a community. Application of big data at the neighborhood level is an emerging field of analysis. Who should care? Municipalities, investors, philanthropies, corporations, and others that routinely rely on risk analysis to make investment, planning and community well-being decisions.

Join Security and Sustainability Forum (SSF) and Chatmine Technologies in a demonstration of the Chatmine application, RiskMetrix4ESG, which for the first time transforms real-time geospatial data into quantifiable ESG risk metrics and maps at the local scale.  They are joined by municipal research analysts from Breckinridge Capital Advisors, which is using RiskMetrix4ESG for ESG assessment of exposure in their investment portfolios.

The webinar will present three case analyses of applications to investment funds, philanthropic investments, and climate adaptation analyses.

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