November 17, 2019 - 12:00 pm


Are you a leader in a local organization committed to equity and justice? Are you struggling to find new leaders to grow your capacity? Would you like to work better with tribes and indigenous people? If so, this is the workshop for you! Register here

Volunteer development is probably the most important aspect of organizing, and the most difficult to do. We’ll talk about what a leadership ladder, or ladder of engagement might look like for your group, and what tasks and responsibilities you currently hold that you might be able to delegate and mentor someone else into. You’ll have time to workshop this in the training.

Working with the people who have cared for the land we live on since time immemorial is of utmost importance. This land was sustainably managed for millennia before colonization, and only through decolonization can we learn to care for it once more.

Sierra Club is proud to partner with the Mangrove Collective, a women of color led training collective that specializes in working with historically white led climate organizations to undo racism, patriarchy and ultimately abolish the extractive economy.

During this 6 hour training, we will dissect the issue of housing and homelessness to help you learn:

  • how to develop an inclusive volunteer engagement ladder that brings folks into more responsibility and leadership,
  • how to show up as a good ally specifically to local tribes and indigenous peoples,
  • how systems of oppression, power and privilege show up in our work,
  • and what you need to consider before engaging with tribes and people of color led groups.

We will use the housing and homelessness issue as an example, and dissect it together, as you learn the tools and skills to dissect any issue you are currently working on, or would like to move into. This will help your work become more effective, while creating inclusive spaces for people with diverse identities to become a part of your group.

Snacks and beverages included

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