The 12 Days of Giving

A Festival of Generosity to Celebrate Giving Tuesday here in Thurston County

On the Twelfth Day of Giving, my true friends gave to me: A healthy, just, and joyous community.

On the last day of our 12 Days of Giving Campaign, we invite you to donate to our work at large. TCAT’s mission is to partner with our community to restore earth’s climate and create a healthy, just, and joyous world for all people and our planet. We depend upon you to support us in that work. Without your generous support we could not take on all the many aspects of the climate crisis we work to address. Climate change is a big problem that needs even bigger solutions, and with your help we are able to sustain a powerful and impactful organization for the last 13 years and counting. Give today to help us continue to work with our local governments and our communities on creating effective climate solutions!  

Day 12 - TCAT Overall

This year for TCAT’s 12 Days of Giving Campaign, our community has the opportunity to give earmarked donations towards the specific TCAT programs and projects you want to support. Climate change is a big issue that spans so many arenas, hence our work is broad, multifaceted, and at times complex.  For each 48 hour period from Giving Tuesday (November 29th) until the Winter Solstice (December 22nd), we are lifting up a different arena of our work and inviting you, our community, to give towards the specific projects you are passionate about. Following along with our 12 Days of Giving Campaign is also a great way to get a better sense of what all TCAT does and the ways you might want to plug in! 

November 29th-30th: Day 1 - Public Education
December 1st-2nd: Day 2- Food and Agriculture
December 3rd-4th: Day 3 - Advocacy
December 5th-6th: Day 4 -Electric Vehicles + Transportation
December 7th-8th: Day 5 - Clean Buildings
December 9th-10th: Day 6 -Stop Gap Support for TCAT
December 11th-12th: Day 7 -Equity Work
December 13th-14th: Day 8 - Climate Art
December 15th-16th: Day 9 - Health Disparities
December 17th- 18th: Day 10 - Youth Climate Activism
December 19th-20th: Day 11 - Tree Protection + Advocacy
December 21st-22nd: Day 12 - Overall Support for TCAT